Freedom Financial Services

Reflections was first hired in 2000 to oversee the marketing efforts for Freedom Financial Services’ (FFS) two locations.

Demographics for this company were 25-54 year-old prospective new homeowners and current homeowners. This target audience was perfect for an intensive broadcast campaign. After researching the market and pulling several competitive reports it was noted that the mortgage industry relied quite heavily on print advertising to deliver their message. FFS was using print, but had also been utilizing radio. Reflections expanded the company’s budgets for radio, print, TV and cable, as well as oversaw a redesign of their home purchase seminars with an upbeat Power Point presentation. Reflections created the first FFS website and then went on to redesign that website several times as the Internet became more integral in the marketplace. For over 10 years Reflections worked with Freedom Financial Services, helping them grow into nine markets around the country with 12 locations.

ROI was measured in leads that called in to Freedom Financial Services and were tracked daily. Reflections helped this company record over 50% growth several years in a row.

HHR Creative recently joined forces with Reflections and FFS to build upon the marketing foundation that Reflections had established and help enhance FFS’ strategic and creative print and online advertising, as well as enhance their brand image and bring a consistent brand identity to this fast-growing company.