Why Us

At Reflections Advertising our purpose is to generate creative ideas that move people. For us, perception IS reality. Our job is to intentionally create perceptions for your business – like a reflection on the water. Honestly, there are thousands of companies out there vying for your time and your business, every conceivable form of media pushing and shoving to your door. Many of those people know and understand the intricacies of their media or product as well or even better than we do.

Here is what they “don’t” know. They don’t focus on the long marketing view for your company. They can’t help you visualize your direction 10 years from now verses the campaign or service they want you to buy right now. That short view is one of the key factors in an advertising campaign’s failure. Or, even if they “could” do that, they would do it from their perspective, not yours.

The biggest advantage? At Reflections Advertising we make it ALL about you – your goals, your customers, your success. We want to know and understand who you are, we research your customers, your competitors and your industry. With this broad view we then can use specific tools, media, and our experience to improve your marketing in the ways you want it to improve.

And while the digital world is alive with new creativity. Reflections Advertising founded our company on creative ideas over 20 years ago. Innovation and creative solutions are inherent to who we are.